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The Pemberton Tramway Company Pty Ltd ABN 60 009 256 768 was established in 1987 to operate a tourist railway service on the Pemberton – Northcliffe Railway, south from Pemberton, and commenced services on the 12th September of that year.  In 1995 the company commenced train operations on the Lambert – Pemberton Railway, north of Pemberton.

The right to occupy the lands known as the Railway Reserve, for the purpose of managing, operating and maintaining the tourist railway services is granted to The Pemberton Tramway Company Pty Ltd by an instrument of government known as an ‘Order in Council’ of which there are two.  These are known as –

            The Pemberton – Northcliffe Tourist Railway Order 1987

            The Lambert – Pemberton Tourist Railway Order 1995

These orders are granted through Parliamentary Council by the state of Western Australia.

Each is in force for a period of 25 years and each details the conditions under which they are granted.  Copies of these orders in council are held in the Main Office, Pemberton Station.

The Managing Director of the Company is Ian Leigh Willis, who at this time is also the General Manager.  The company has its registered office with the company accountants Grant Thornton Australia Ltd, located at Level 1, 10 Kings Park Road, West Perth WA.

The Pemberton – Northcliffe Railway is known as the ‘Tramway’ or ‘Northcliffe line".  This section has a total of 7 bridges, 6 of which are in the first 10 kilometres.  The total section length is 36 kilometres.  The rail used for this line is 63 lb for almost half of the section and 60 lb WA for the remainder to Northcliffe.

There are two level crossings with active protection, which is operated manually by the tram driver.  All other recognised level crossings on this line have passive protection.

The stopping places on this line are Pemberton, Cascade Siding, Brockman Siding, Warren River Bridge, Dual Culvert, Yeagerup, Twin Karri Halt, Dombakup, Terry and Northcliffe.  Tram services do not stop at all stopping places.

The Cascades Tram services, which departs Pemberton at 10:45 am and 2:00 pm Monday to Saturday, stops at the Cascades for 25 minutes, then returns to Pemberton Station.

Special return services for group bookings can be operated on any operating day.  Services  to Cascades, departing  at 8:30 am, 12:00 pm or 4:00 pm. 

The Lambert – Pemberton Railway is known as the ‘Railway’ or ‘Lyall Line’.  This section has no bridges.  The total section length is 21 kilometres.  The rail for this is 60 lb AS which is effectively equivalent to 63 lb. This line is no longer in use by the Pemberton Tramway Company.

There are two level crossings with active protection, which is automatically activated by the approaching train, with manual switches also provided for lighter vehicles.  All other recognised level crossings on this line have passive protection.

The stopping places on this line are Pemberton, Barronhurst, Willis, Collins, Eastbrook Siding, Diamond Siding, Lyall and Lambert.  The station limits of Lyall and Lambert adjoin each other, Lambert being the state rail junction to the Pemberton Tramway Company line and Lyall being The Pemberton Tramway Company Station.  Train services do not stop at all stopping places.

As part of the history and industrial heritage of the railway, forestry logs were transported by The Pemberton Tramway Company from Lyall siding to the Pemberton Sawmill until January 2002 when changes in government policies and within the milling industry saw the demise of this traffic.  These logs were saw millable timber recovered from the Diamond Woodchip Mill adjacent to Lyall.  This freight was carried on company rolling stock as part of the tourist steam train services.  During the ‘non steam’ period, diesel locomotives were used to haul the timber trains.  A passenger coach and/or brake van was normally attached to the diesel hauled trains to provide passenger accommodation for tourists or enthusiasts who wish to purchase a ticket to ride with the freight (log) train.

Trains from other rail operators are unable to visit Pemberton from the state rail system.  

The Pemberton Tramway Company is based in Pemberton at the railway station, where all administration, maintenance infrastructure and operational control functions are centred.  The company’s Main Office is within the station building that also houses the lunchroom and tickets, refreshments and souvenirs shop.  A small maintenance workshop has been created within the old goods shed including a rail equipment service pit.  The turntable has been reconstructed in the yard as well as additional siding space.

Tramway staff carries out almost all maintenance.  In an effort to improve human resource efficiency, reduce physical effort required, whilst also improving the finished product, significant investment has been made in tools, plant and equipment.  This is particularly so in respect of track maintenance for which there is significant mechanised maintenance equipment.

The Pemberton Tramway Company utilises a human resource base of paid staff  to perform and maintain reliable, ongoing and safe operations.  



The Pemberton Tramway Company, through it’s operations, employees, volunteers and public interface, is committed to the safe operation of heritage and purpose built rolling stock on the Lambert – Pemberton – Northcliffe Railway.

Our commitment to the achievement of the highest levels of safety in operations and infrastructure, will ensure that all patrons of The Pemberton Tramway Company shall at all times be assured our operations are conducted and maintained to the highest achievable standards, consistent with the ability scope and depth of our organization and it’s sphere of operations.

The Management of The Pemberton Tramway Company is committed to ensuring that both volunteer and paid employees are provided with facilities and mechanisms that shall ensure all are afforded a safe working environment in keeping with the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety legislation, commensurate with the requirements of any task, with due consideration to the heritage nature of our operations.  

Rail safety responsibilities and accountabilities shall be assigned to competent persons who shall maintain appropriate communication protocols, involving all workers and stakeholders who share a commitment to continual improvement based on the principles of risk management and control.

The Management of The Pemberton Tramway Company shall ensure that adequate resources are provided to enable a rail safe operation to be maintained, with attention given to safety performance and monitoring safety at all levels and all safety related activities while sustaining a just culture approach.


PTCo SafPol 001 Rev.27 December 2006



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