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Cowan's Sheldon Crane No. 31

The Cowan's Sheldon 60 ton Breakdown Crane number 31 was one of two large rail mounted cranes owned by the WAGR.

Originally powered by steam number 31 was the largest crane on the system and when combined with the smaller 25 ton crane, anything that needed to be lifted was well within the limits of the breakdown equipment

Number 31 was converted to diesel and air operating by the WAGR and was eventually written off by the railways in the 90's

This thumbnail is the lubrication chart for Crane 31 and its Match Truck

A successful bid for 31 was made by Mr. Ian Willis - Owner Operator of the Pemberton Tramway Company and was moved south to Pemberton where it is still operational today.

2 Westrail AB class diesel locomotives hauled 31 south to Lambert Siding the Junction for the Pemberton Branch and into the PTCo's Lyall Siding

PTCo's V 1213 then hauled 31 to its new home in Pemberton Yard 

Nowadays Crane 31 is stored in the old cattle dock road and is mostly used for coaling steam locomotive V 1213 and can be regularly seen doing so of an afternoon during the winter steam season months after the last journey for the day

This photo by Craig Belcher

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