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Eastbrook bridge is one of the more interesting of the bridges along our railway.

This bridge crosses the Eastbrook, a river that is a tributary to the Lefroy Brook. 

The Eastbrook flows only through the winter months, drying up completely at the bridge during summer, due to being dammed by farmers further upstream.


A journey on our Steam Train north of Pemberton to Eastbrook Siding during the winter months, enables the traveler to see the upper reaches of the Eastbrook before it disappears away behind the hills of Pemberton, only to be crossed by the railway on the other side of the town.


The most interesting feature of this bridge is that not only did it cross the Eastbrook, but it also crossed over the top of one of the Mainlines of the Timber Industry, logging railway network. It was here that the pictures below were taken for historical purposes.

Unfortunately the rail is long gone on the logging railway and now it is used by trucks.


G class Hauled log train approaches the bridge as WAGR  W class, hauled train travels over the top

Under and Over we go. Note that there is a man sitting on the log rake who appears to be taking a photo

Looking west at the bridge, the rest of the WAGR  train. In the picture is a FD, VA and QBE bolster flats with sawn timber.

Taken from the bridge, looking west, the  G class hauled log rake heads away from the bridge towards the Pemberton sawmill

Eastbrook Bridge as it is seen looking to the west in 2002 and towards the sawmill.

Today it is surrounded by peppermint trees on either side which block the view of the bridge.

A photo of the rail across the bridge can be found on News Page 2001 with Gary Merrin taking a photo of the trams from the Pemberton side

Eastbrook Bridge as it is seen looking to the East in 2002.

If you were standing here when the photo's above were taken, you would be looking at the smoke box of the  G class as she comes out from under the bridge and the W would be heading (to the left of the photo) up the 1 in 60 grade towards Pemberton.

The black and white photo's above are believed to have been taken by Roy Kelly who was a driver at the Pemberton mill and long time resident of the town.

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