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From time to time you come across photographs that depict the same items or locations that have been photographed many years apart.

This can often give an interesting contrast of time.

Here you will find some of these pictures as they become available.

DM Plymouth 0-4-0 sits outside the then Bunnings Forest Processing Centre in Manjimup in 1991

After relocation and restoration at the Pemberton Tramway. Rusty as it is known is most useful for all sorts of Activities where a small engine will do the job just as well as the large diesels.

Pemberton Station

Pemberton Railway Station was built in 1926 giving the town of Pemberton, a station building suitable for handling the comings and goings that would be necessary with the future extensions of the railway through to Northcliffe and the then booming timber industry.


The above Picture is believed to have been taken in 1935, possibly from the Station Masters house which stood on the hill at the southern end of the station.


Showing a rake of "G" class opens, a "V" van and two "D" vans standing on the Northcliffe end of the Goods Shed road.


There is also a coach hiding behind the wagons

Note that the ramp has not yet received its goods crane (perhaps the crane has just arrived in the tarped wagons?) and there is a water tank between the goods shed and the ramp


The picture above taken from the Alan Moon collection shows the station from the North end of the yard in 1927. On the left is the Cattle dock and Gangers road. On the right is the mainline coming from Jardee and Manjimup, splitting into the mainline, two loops and the goods shed road that was Pemberton Yard .


On the extreme right is the road to the turntable and the engine shed.

The Station Masters house can be seen on the hillside to the left of the goods shed



The above picture was taken by David Beasley during a 1970's RESO tour.


(Featured in Historical 2) here you can see that the station still has its WAGR name boards but has already lost the curved roof "Out of Shed".


This picture taken in 1991 shows Pemberton Station looking rather shabby. 

At this stage the Pemberton Tramway Co. had been operating since 1987 from station building whilst Westrail were still operating into Pemberton.

On the platform can be seen sand and telephone boxes with assorted other Westrail bits and pieces.


It has been about 5 years since the last Westrail Station Master was in residence.


Now also gone from the Station is the middle loop road and the toilet facility at the north end has undergone a transformation.


Looking across at the goods shed, you can see that the Trams are firmly entrenched on the now separated goods shed road and the nearest tram is standing on a new track built for the trams.

When PTCo started operating, the Northcliffe main was severed by Westrail at the south end of the yard and slewed across to join the good shed road to ensure that trams and Westrail trains could never meet each other.

This situation remains today and hopefully one day we shall reinstate a crossover at the south end of the yard.

Pemberton Station as it is today.

Resplendent in green and cream and maroon, today it looks great.  The Goods Shed and Barracks also carry this colour scheme.  Isn't it amazing what a coat of paint can do.

Westrail ceased operations here in 1995

The Pemberton Tramway Company now has operating rights over the line north out of town 21km to Lyall siding where steam locomotive "V 1213" is now a regular performer during the steam season (Mid April to end of October).

Pemberton Sawmill and Engine Shed

This Picture taken by Alan Moon depicts the South end of the shed mid 30's.

The picture below left shows the North end of the shed.

I am told that engines left the shed, Smoke box first and then backed past the shed tender first over Karri Rise and Brockman St and around to top points for the mill, which were and are still, at the southern end of Pemberton Station yard

Mill & Engine Shed 1991

Once there was an Engine Shed. Demolished in 1994. Now the area stores logs and is a wash down for Log Trucks.

Although not a brilliant photo this shows Y1114 on what was originally the mill line to the Engine shed. This was rebuilt by PTCo on the original formation to enable unloading of logs from our wagons. The crossing to the right of photo is a double track crossing.

Same location but a different angle. The Sept 2000 volunteers weekend saw Y1114 shunt wagons loaded with track panels for unloading and extending the siding. Parallel, behind Y 1114 is the Pemberton to Northcliffe Mainline. We've almost put the track back but I am afraid there will be no shed rebuilt here.


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