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In late November 2003 an Auction was held at York regarding the sale of almost all items from the rail based museum there.   A PTCo representative attended the Auction and purchased what was described in the auction paperwork as a Half and Half wagon.

The vehicle is in fact in its current form, a ex WAGR VW class vehicle which was modified to carry a Tractor and provide accommodation for its driver. This vehicle, which is in a complete condition including all running gear etc,  is an interesting vehicle in that it was originally a Midland Railway Co. JB class  passenger coach number 22, which later became KB20 in 1950 when modified to its current form.

 It was renumbered to VW40763 by the WAGR in 1966 after the MR was absorbed by the WAGR.

The photo below taken by Andy May in 2000 shows VW40763 in Westrail's Yellow livery prior to being moved to the York Museum.

VW 40763 arrived in Pemberton on the 4th of February 2004 on John Holland's Rail Vehicle Transporter Truck/Trailer, reputed to be the only trailer of its kind in Australia.

As can be seen from the pictures above, the trailer wheels move forwards enabling the trailer to tilt up/down to provide a suitable ramp to roll the vehicle on or off.

A recent visitor to the PTCo - a Mr Colin Russell an ex WAGR & MR Coppersmith, indicated during discussions to the webmaster that the vehicle was used by the Midland Railway to transport a D6 dozer and its driver along the railway to wherever it was needed. The dozer would then be unloaded at the worksite, probably by means of a pig stied sleepers structure, and then the wagon would then be taken through to the next siding where it would be stowed until the job was finished. Mr Russell recalled that around 1955 the then Tractor Driver was a Mr Bill Foot and that his family (Wife & possibly 2 children) also lived in the van.

Currently it is unknown as to what use the WAGR had for the vehicle other than presumably the same as the MR.

PTCo. is unsure what we will use this vehicle for but at least it is now preserved as it should be on an operating railway. 

Any further information regarding the Tractor and Driver vehicle would be gratefully appreciated.

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