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The Pemberton Tramway has 3 Passenger Cars which are hauled by steam locomotive  V 1213 during the winter season to Eastbrook and Lyall Sidings.

Two of these cars are of the AYB class of Suburban Passenger, Brake Compartment Coaches used by the WAGR on suburban loco hauled trains for many years.


In later years these coaches also saw service on hired specials operated by Hotham Valley Tourist Railway, the WA division of the Australian Railway Historical Society, the Sunday Times and also a few specials operated by Westrail.


The AYB's were then used in loco hauled sets during the Perth peak hour services up till electrification of the suburban lines in 1990


Only 4 of this AYB class coach were built by Midland Workshops.  Numbers 456, 457, 458, 459.


The AYB has a seating capacity of 64 persons and has a tare weight of 21.840 ton

Numbers 456 & 457 were built in December 1945 and written off in 1969.

The chassis of these two coaches were subsequently used as a mezzanine floor for offices in the Midland Workshops. 


I have seen a photo of this that still shows the class & number lettered on the steel channel of the chassis whilst in use as a floor in the workshops.


If anybody knows where to find this photo, your information would be appreciated.

458 & 459 were built in August 1946.

 In February 1982 a door was fitted between the passenger saloon and the guard compartment for easy ticket checking by the guards.

In 1990 the introduction of electric railcars on the suburban lines around Perth, saw the demise of the loco hauled coaches and both 458 &459 were written off by Westrail.

Below is the WAGR Drawing for AYB coaches


Both 458 & 459 were purchased by the Western Australian Greyhound Association and moved to their Cannington Park Racecourse for children to play in. Here they were placed on a section of track along with AYE 708 ( Now also owned by PTCo) and two  Z class Brake Vans ( Z & ZA ) which remain there today.

The Pemberton Tramway Company is very grateful that the W. A. Greyhound Assoc. donated the coaches to us in 1995.

These were the only remaining available and usable coaches in WA. 

The above picture shows the coaches being loaded onto trucks at the greyhounds from where they had stood. Only one AYB is left to be loaded leaving the Z & ZA Brake Van.

Navigating through Bridgetown

Turn off to Pemberton on South West Hwy

Unloading in Pemberton

The above pictures show the coaches being transported by road to Pemberton.

Travel on one of our Train Journeys and these are the coaches you will travel in.

The only remaining AYB class coaches in WA.

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