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The Pemberton Tramway has 3 Passenger Cars which are hauled by steam locomotive  V 1213 during the winter season to Eastbrook and Lyall Sidings.

One of these cars are of the AYE class of Suburban Passenger, Coaches used by the WAGR on suburban loco hauled trains for many years.


As with the AYB's, these coaches also saw service on hired specials operated by Hotham Valley Tourist Railway, the WA division of the Australian Railway Historical Society, the Sunday Times and also a few specials operated by Westrail.


The AYE's were then used in loco hauled sets during the Perth peak hour services up till electrification of the suburban lines in 1990.


Fourteen of this AYE class coach were built by Midland Workshops from 1955 to 1958.  Numbers 701 - 714.


These coaches were built on the under frames of various classes of old coaches (ADS, AC, AF, ZAF) in need of new bodies.


The AYE has a seating capacity of 48 persons and has a tare weight of 18.600 ton.


Some close up detail photos of AYE/V 708


AYE's 701, 704, 705, 706 and 707 were rebuilt from 1967 to 1970 into AYF Class suburban brake coaches by removing 4 x 2 seats and the last window from one end of the AYE and inserting a door on each side at that end for access with a centre door in the partition separating guards compartment from passenger saloon.


AYE's 708, 709, 713, 714 were altered to AYE/V  from 1969 to 1971.


This modification was basically the addition of electrical cabling through the coach to enable them to be run in between the early ADG and ADH class railcars that were fitted with Voith Transmissions between 1969 and 1973.


The V part of AYE/V stands for Voith.


AYE's 703 and 712 were written off by Westrail in 1980


701, 704, 705, 707 and 711 were written off in 1983


710 written off 1990


702, 706, 708, 709, 713 and 714 were the last written off in 1991.


The thumbnail below is the drawings for AYE coaches




AYE/V 708 was purchased by the Western Australian Greyhound Association and moved to their Cannington Park Racecourse for children to play in. Here they were placed on a section of track along with AYB 458 and 459 ( Now also owned by PTCo) and two  Z class Brake Vans ( Z & ZA ) which remain there today.

The Pemberton Tramway Company is very grateful that the W. A. Greyhound Association donated the coaches to us in 1995.

The Kalgoorlie Boulder Loop line Preservation Society preserved AYE/V 713 and 714 with AYF 704 and 705

to operate on a preserved section of the old Boulder Loop line


AYF 706 was originally preserved by the Carnarvon Light Railway / Heritage Group, but was purchased by PTCo in January 2005 arriving on Pemberton on 22/01/05. 


Click here for AYF 706 information


AYE/V 709 is preserved by ARHS at the Boyanup Transport Museum


All other vehicles are either grounded bodies or unknown as to their whereabouts


The Pemberton Tramway Company does actually own another AYE coach body which was resting in a paddock near Serpentine/Keysbrook on South West Highway This body has been removed illegally to another location which is unknown to us.


Any information leading regarding the location of this coach would be appreciated


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