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Over recent years PTCo have been in contact with the Carnarvon Heritage group with regard to some items of equipment which they had, which potentially might become available as surplus to their needs. After some to'ing an fro'ing of emails and telephone calls, the wheels started to turn so to speak.

One of the items available was ex Perth Suburban passenger car - AYF 706.

AYF 706 at Carnarvon

On Thursday 20th January 2005 AYF 706 was loaded at Carnarvon onto a truck for shipping to Pemberton.

Photo's of loading at Carnarvon supplied by Sue of Carnarvon Heritage Group.

Saturday 22nd January saw the AYF arrive in Pemberton around 3pm.

AYF 706 arrives in Pemberton. First stop was the Pub car park to determine where to best to enter the tramway for unloading before heading back onto the main rd and south down the main street to Railway Crescent . Also in the car park was a helicopter being used by Western Power contractors for power pole inspection in the area. I bet these two items made for an amusing site for visitors to the Pemberton Hotel.

Turning into Railway Crescent  an then a stop for preparations at the goods shed for lifting off the truck.

After much organising throughout Saturday the Truck and Coach were manoeuvred into place on Sunday morning under the Jib of crane 31 and AYF 706 was lifted skyward enabling the truck to drive out from underneath the coach.

AYF 706 was lowered onto Pemberton metals where the Comeng was then coupled up to transfer the coach down to the goods shed for closer inspection. We got the coach off the truck without a scratch.

It is undetermined as yet whether this car will become part of the operational cars used for steam train services at PTCo. There is much work required to bring this car to a suitable condition for operation.

AYF coaches of the WAGR

14 of the AYE class coach were built by Midland Workshops from 1955 to 1958.  Numbers 701 - 714.


These coaches were built on the under frames of various classes of older coaches (ADS, AC, AF, ZAF) in need of new bodies.


AYF 706 most likely fresh from the Paint Shop at Midland Workshops.

Photo from the Murray Rowe Collection


In 1967 two AYE cars 704 and 706 were rebuilt with a small brake compartment and reclassified as AYF. 705 was converted the following year. 702 and 707 were converted in 1970. All 5 cars were used exclusively in loco hauled sets from 1970


Brake Wheel and Emergency Release Valve against dividing wall

Brake Compartment Wall viewed from Passenger side.

Brake wheel is on the left side.

Guard seat is on right side.

Guards Seat backs onto dividing wall


The AYF coaches have a seating capacity of 40 persons and a tare weight of 18.600 ton


AYF Drawing Not to Scale


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