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A left turn off Collins Rd  on the map found on the Logging Lines page leads to the line which ran into the Brockman area. Here on this section that can be driven along there is still 3 logging Bridges to be found if you look carefully as they are very over grown.

I cannot tell you anything more about these bridges other than let the photo's speak for themselves. Here below is bridges 1 & 2 shown on map above. Bridge 3 was impossible to photograph as it is so overgrown in blackberry that it was not possible to get near enough to take a picture and most of it is covered in blackberry any way. There are still some sleepers to be seen in place and many spikes used to nail the sleepers to the bridge are also visible.

All 3 bridges have been built in the pig stying fashion using logs stacked on top of each other in a criss cross formation. It can be seen that some of the short cross members have been cut out to take the next longitudinal log.

Bridge 1


Bridge 2


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