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In the Pemberton Area there were many Logging Railway Lines that radiated from the Pemberton Sawmill which enabled the Timber Industry to transport the felled timber of the Karri Forest to the Sawmill. These lines extended for many miles in all directions into the forests around the Pemberton town site. The main choice of motive power for the Timber industry was of course the G class locomotive which had a very light axle loading and was very capable of handling the loads required along the lightly laid lines into the forest.

One of the main service lines into the forest on the eastern side of the town left the sawmill, following along the Lefroy Brook and then the Eastbrook. A little higher up the valley the Government built railway from Pemberton to Northcliffe was heading in much the same direction but aiming to cross the Eastbrook and continue southward to Northcliffe.

This provided a flyover situation where the Government Line Crossed over the Eastbrook on Eastbrook Bridge whilst the timber line crossed underneath Eastbrook Bridge. (for pictures see the Eastbrook Bridge Page). This was one of few places in WA where this occurred.

From Eastbrook Bridge the timber Lines crossed the Eastbrook and radiated out into the forest.

All of these lines have been long since abandoned and pulled up, however if one is keen to explore a little there is still much evidence to be found of the existence of these lightly built lines that services the timber Industry

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The most obvious evidence that can be found is the lines that are still used today as roads.

Part of the original mainline route from the sawmill that can be driven along is the section that crosses under Eastbrook Bridge (find Loud Rd on Map and the Government railway line).

The Eastbrook Drive Trail runs from where Burma Rd crosses the Eastbrook along the formation almost through to Collins Siding on the Government railway.

Spring Gully Rd follows a bit of the main line formation.

What is now known as River Rd bridge can be accessed via River Rd. This is quite a substantial trestle bridge and is very impressive. (Click on the Link provided )

 A left turn off Collins Rd leads to the line which ran into the Brockman area. Here on this section that can be driven along there is still 3 logging Bridges to be found if you look carefully as they are very over grown. (Click on the Link provided )

Warning: It is very easy to get lost in the forest areas. Please ensure you have good CALM maps of the area before trying to locate some of these lines


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