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November - December 2005

November 6th saw the end of steam season at PTCo. A good season of running was had on the Pemberton -Eastbrook-Lyall section with an slight increase in passenger numbers being carried.

V1213 was put to bed for the 2005 season on the Sunday 6th November afternoon with Driver N. Blinco and Fireman R. Vanderputten emptying out all of the remaining coal from the tender, washing as much slack coal from any hiding place under the footplate, soot from the running boards etc. All moving fittings were then sprayed with lubricant to prevent seizure during the non operating period. Remaining water was later drained from the Boiler and the Tender and some washout plugs removed.   Later in December the Fire Hole Door & associated fittings as well as the Fire Grate were removed for better inspection of the firebox.

Crane 31 was also oiled up for the summer and the coal box used to load each running day was also washed out.

In 2005 there were 157 Steam Train services operated North of Pemberton all of which went as far as Eastbrook siding, 33 of which continued to Lyall. 17 Driving Courses (the most we have had in a season) were also undertaken by eager participants wanting to drive a steam train.

Tram Services have as usual continued on this popular service into the Karri Forests.

In 2005 PTCo. operated 777 Tram services south of Pemberton, of which 45 special chartered services only went to the Cascades, 725 services went as far as the  Warren River Bridge and 7 went all the way to Northcliffe.

Due to the low number passengers traveling to Northcliffe, this service has been cancelled as of December 2005. Charters by large groups to Northcliffe will be considered.

September - October 2005

September and October have been busy periods at PTCo with extra services for the steam train operating during school holidays as well as Wednesdays. The trams have also been busy operating many extra charter services for the tour companies which flood into the area during the wildflower season. The Pemberton Camp School has also been keeping the trams busy with many school group pickups from the Cascades.

3 Bus's can be seen standing behind the 3 Trams roadside.

Some more work has been carried out on AYF 706 with maintenance man Wayne busily restoring doors to working order when time permits as well as some internal painting of the car body.

Un restored door awaiting attention

Internal Painting Undercoat

Newly restored door

One of the doors installed

We had our annual work weekend over the 8th & 9th of October. Due to other circumstances, numbers of available volunteers was a little down this year in comparison to previous years, and so only a small amount of activity took place. As well as operating the regular steam train services some drainage work took place on the Pemberton to Warren River section at a farm crossing 200metres south of Brockman siding. Rusty and a NS shunter's float was the mode of transport for 8 concrete pipes to the worksite at the 178.300 Km peg. With the use of PTCo's 2 bobcats and the Ditch Spinner, trenches were dug and pipes laid before cleaning up the site and a job well done.

Unfortunately the webmaster didn't have a camera on hand so the photos supplied below by Simon Mead are all that is available.

Rusty & NS Shunt float on the southern side of the goods shed (tram side) after returning from the site.

The work site with Bobcat, Ditch Spinner and visible trenches dug and pipes in place. Brockman siding is just out of sight around the bend.


August 2005

August has been much like June and July this year - not a whole heap has occurred other than the regular running of Steam Train & Tram services.

The Webmaster did get out to chase the steam train for a photo or 2 making a nice change from actually being on it, whilst volunteer driver Simon Mead was at the regulator of V1213

V1213 Blasts away from Pemberton yard en-route to Eastbrook & Lyall Sidings 20/08/2005

V1213 & train approaches the Vasse Hwy crossing near Collins Siding 20/08/2005

For something different - V1213 and train depart Eastbrook Siding en-route to Lyall Siding 20/08/2005

During August we have also had a driving course or two. One of those participants being Mr. J Holdsworth who did the full day course. Armed with a digital camera for the day some good movie clips were taken for his archives. John has been kind enough to allow PTCo to use a couple on the website. These can be found on the Video page and the Driving Courses pages.

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