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This Collection of photographs were taken by Phil Melling during his many visits to the Pemberton, Northcliffe area.

Thanks to Phil for allowing us to use his pictures on this website.

Diesel Mechanical 0-6-0 Comeng working for Bunnings Bros hauls sawn timber up the steeply graded railway linking the sawmill with Pemberton's WAGR station yard. The locomotive is today owned by PTCo and can be  occasionally found shunting in the yard at Pemberton., The building on the right exists today as a popular Café known as the "Mill House" and the railway line itself exists albeit only 300ft in length into the mill beyond where the locomotive sits in this picture. It is still connected to Pemberton Yard and was still used by PTCo up until 2002 when timber industry changes put an end to the log traffic being hauled by PTCo from the Diamond Woodchip Mill at Lyall/Lambert Siding to the Sawmill in Pemberton.


On the 8th January 1984, Ex Midland Railway Co. - WAGR operated, F class diesel electric, sits in the loop at Northcliffe yard with a Leschenault Railway Preservation Society tour awaiting departure. A goods van, most likely a FD with goods for the supermarket rests in the back loop. All the tracks visible in this picture remain at Northcliffe today although only the mainline is serviceable. It has now been almost 20 years since a real train has operated to Northcliffe with only the occasional PTCo Tram Car venturing south of the Warren River bridge when passenger numbers are sufficient. 


Another Leschenault Railway Preservation Society tour on 27th January 1985 with an F unit and some HVTR ex Tasmanian SS cars, heads North through Diamond siding (approx 15km's North of Pemberton) toward Manjimup . In the siding appears to be some Q type bogie flat cars with containers for produce from the area. The siding is long gone in 2005, although trains hauled by V1213  still rumble through this location on Sundays during each winter period.

Thanks again to Phil Melling for the use of these pictures. Phil tells me he has some other pictures hiding somewhere which one day he will find. We look forward to seeing those also.

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