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What is now known as River Rd bridge can be accessed via River Rd. This is quite a substantial trestle bridge and is very impressive.

A visit to this bridge in 2003 found it to be in quite good condition. As can be seen from the photo here below, I have tried to piece together (Panoramic Form) this bridge to give an idea of its length. It is not however possible to photograph the whole of the bridge in one as it is very long and now overgrown. It is located in a very wide area of the Warren River which has several channels but when in flood is a solid mass of water.

The photo's above were during the summer of 2002 - 2003

whereas the pictures below were taken during a visit in winter 1993

Since 1993 when it was possible to drive over the bridge (we weren't game though), the bridge has been closed to traffic with concrete blocks installed at either end. The wheel guides have been removed and handrails have been fitted for walkers who may use the bridge.

The photo shown here below was taken by Mike Schrader whilst on a rail tour in the area in 1962.

SSM # 8 Crosses the Warren River at River Rd Bridge.


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