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Y Class Diesel Electric

Built by British Thompson - Houston Limited using Davey Paxman engines, they were a Bo-Bo unit weighing 39 tons

Introduced in November 1953 allegedly to be used on suburban passenger services as a replacement for Steam Locomotives

Maximum Engine Power 410hp at 1250 rpm Wheel arrangement Bo-Bo
Wheel diameter 36inch Length over Buffers 39ft
Tractive Effort at Start 23,000 lb Number in Service 18
Tractive Effort at 11 1/2 mph 9,000 lb Maximum Axle load 9.65 tons
Traction Motors 4 Total Weight 38.2 tons
All Axles Roller Bearing No. Series 1101 - 18

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it the Y class were found to be unsuitable for the job due to a lack of acceleration capabilities and were relegated to short distance freight and shunting duties.

Often described as being one of the ugliest diesel locomotives in Australia due to their short length and ungainly height on the narrow 3ft 6inch gauge these little locomotives performed the duties given to them reasonably well.

They were often seen working short distance journeys such as the shunting the Flour Mill at Cottesloe from Leighton yard or working the weekly goods to Dwellingup from Pinjarra.

They lasted in service with Westrail until the mid 80's when they were written off

1115 sits in Pemberton yard with new sleepers from the sawmill for the railway and logs to be pushed into the Mill

Units 1102, 1107 ,1114 and 1115 were purchased by Ian Willis in the mid 90's and moved to Pemberton where active units 1114 and 1115 have since been used for general shunting duties around the yard and hauling of log traffic during the summer months up until changes in the timber industry in 2001 saw the cessation of log traffic.

1115 has just left Lyall with a summer time Log Train service after returning some empties and picking up the loaded wagons. The AYE is being used for any passenger who wanted to travel on the train.


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